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Animal Crossing: New Horizons includes 383 villagers from the series

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will feature 383 villagers from the series who could potentially come to live on your deserted island.  

The massive number comes from real estate and holiday industry mogul Tom Nook himself, who took to Twitter to reveal that he's busy sending letters to 383 Nook customers to inform them of the desert island getaway package. Promising to fill each and every letter with a lot of heart and soul, Nook's announcement confirms that a rather hefty number of villagers will be coming to the upcoming Animal Crossing adventure. 

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The tweet was posted with an image showing a selection of villagers that we can expect to see, including Goldie, Hamlet, Alfonso, Lily, Peanut, Margie, Carrie, Melba, Bud, Rosie, and Goose - to name a few. 

It's unclear whether this number is just referring to old faces who are in the series already, but it seems to suggest as much. With only a selection shown, it seems we'll still have to wait it out to see if all of our personal favourites will be making an appearance. We've also already seen some Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers thanks to Switch stickers that surfaced in a store listing. Still, with a number like that, we can rest easy knowing we'll likely see most of them. 

Nook took over the Twitter account from Isabelle shortly after yesterday's Nintendo Direct, which gave us a huge helping of New Horizons goodness. From giving us insight into the new Nook Link feature, to confirming there'll be no cloud save support, and that your friends won't be able to destroy your island if you invite them to your little sandy paradise, there was plenty of information to salivate over. 

Is it March 20 yet? 

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