All the Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers we've spotted so far, both old and new

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Tom Nook recently confirmed 383 Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers will be making their way to the island when the game launches on March 20. We don't yet have confirmation of every villager who will be included, but thanks to all of the trailers and Nintendo Directs, we've been able to spot a lot of familiar faces.

There are also some new characters coming to our upcoming island, including some who don't yet have a name. After going through all the trailers, gameplay footage, and official screenshots, we've gathered together every single villager we've seen on the island so far, including those who have appeared in any posts on Nintendo's social media accounts.

So without further ado, here's every Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager we know about so far. We'll keep updating this page as we spot more. 

New Villagers

Thanks to a generous helping of Nintendo Directs, we've also learnt about some of the new faces we'll be meeting in New Horizons. Some may be important characters who carry out specific tasks on the island, such as the Dodo Airlines staff, while others could also be heading up the tourneys. Regardless, we can't wait to meet them very soon. 

Classic Villagers 

Tom Nook reveals some familiar faces

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When Nook revealed we'd be getting 383 villagers, he also shared an image with some familiar faces. From the post, it features some villagers we've already seen walking about in Directs and trailers, but there are some we haven't seen else where yet.  

So, here's a little list of all of the above villagers we haven't included already: 

  • Truffles the Pig 
  • Chevre the Goat
  • Rod the Mouse
  • Colton the Horse
  • Tank the Rhino
  • Kitt the Kangaroo
  • Rowan the Tiger
  • Bud the Lion
  • Octavian the Octopus
  • Aurora the Penguin
  • Fang the Wolf
  • Gladys the Ostrich 
  • Rocco the Hippo
  • Antonio the Anteater

Unidentified villagers 

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During my search for villagers, I came across a red Elephant villager and an adorable Dog villager that don't appear to match any of the previous designs, which indicates that they're both new faces we'll see in New Horizons. The Dog does look quite similar to some other puppers in the Animal Crossing series, but the little details on its ears and face suggest it's new. I have a lot of appreciation for the Elephant's jacket, and I really can't wait to find out the names of these new additions. 

Switch stickers reveal more

See more

Some very cute new Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers have been revealed in Switch stickers that appeared on the Japanese HMV store

As spotted by Animal Crossing World on Twitter, the stickers feature some as yet unseen villagers coming to New Horizons, as well known villagers such as the blue squirrel Filbert, Lily the frog, Timmy and Tommy, Isabelle, and Tom Nook himself. Some of the characters we know and love also appear to be sporting some stylish new looks, which are no doubt courtesy of the fashion accessories we'll be seeing on our island getaway. 

Thanks to some eagle-eyed folks on Twitter who pointed out the new additions, we can take a somewhat closer look at these villagers. 

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Of course, we now know the red dragon-like villager is Flick. There's also another new villager giving us some much-needed Animal Crossing sass in the form of a new horse or donkey-like villager. They're sporting a stylish patterned top (that I would totally wear) with a hoof on their hip - it's the kind of confident vibe I need in 2020. 

Nobody does cute characters quite like Animal Crossing, and it looks like we're going to be blessed with more adorable faces. I mean just look at that purple bear wearing a very sweet little yellow sundress. Did we just become best friends? I think so. I can't wait to meet the sundress bear. Another cutesy little new friend looks like a blue and purple cub villager with sparkly-eyes, in a darling pink dress. 

Outside of the bear family, the new faces include a ram villager with red horns and a rainbow shirt, a blue goat, and a spectacle-wearing cat villager. All of the villagers are serving some great new looks, and I can hardly wait to find out what they'll be called. We've even seen some these new faces appear in a Nintendo Direct celebrating a birthday, but we still don't know their names. 

Want to see more Animal Crossing goodness? Check out these new animal looks coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  

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