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Alice magic holds strong for second week

Tim Burton’s kooky jaunt in Wonderland remained top of the box office this weekend for the second week in a row.

The magical 3D event that is his Alice In Wonderland held firm against competition in the form of Matt Damon’s Green Zone (entering at second place with $14.5m), rom-com She’s Out Of My League (third with $9.6m) and our very own R-Patz’s indie drama Remember Me (in at fourth with $8.1m).

With a spectacular haul of $62m, Alice totalled its Stateside earnings to $208m, also taking $221m in overseas takings. All this despite divisive reviews and middling audience reactions.

Shutter Island took fifth place with $8.1m, meaning that Avatar has been shunted into the back end of the top ten at last (it’s in at seven with a dwindling take of $6.6m, still not bad considering it’s been out for four months now).

Forest Whitaker’s nuptial-themed Our Family Wedding slipped into sixth place with a sultry $7.6m, while Richard Gere/Don Cheadle team-up Brooklyn’s Finest took a further $4.2m at the box office.

Finally, Cop Out and The Crazies rounded out the weekend, the former with $4.3m (and a total earning of $39m, a disappointment considering it’s a Kevin Smith/Bruce Willis pairing). The latter took $3.6m.

Next week, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler will be sexing up the big screen with The Bounty Hunter , while Jude Law heads up the decent-looking Repo Men . Will either give Alice anything to worry about?

What did you see in cinemas this weekend?