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7 Rubbish Subtitles From Let The Right One In

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Sometimes, film companies get them spectacularly right – watch Jason Goes To Hell with the subs on and it improves the experience ten-fold.

But sometimes they go hideously wrong. Icons Of Fright have noticed that there’s a huge disparity between the quality of the Let The Right In theatrical subtitles and the US DVD subs, sometimes to a hilarious degree.

We’ve collected and explained the worst offenders. Let’s hope they get changed before the UK DVD release. Be warned, there appears to be no logic behind the changes, and they will make you angry.

Get yourselves into UK cinemas on April 10 to watch Let The Right One In as it should be seen.

Original version: A tense scene is broken with the following gag...

US DVD version: The tension continues with the aggressive order:


Original version: Hanke seeks forgiveness:

US DVD version: Hanke might as well be saying 'my bad'


Original version: A playful offer of friendship:

US DVD version: Becomes a terse order:


Original version: A bit of mystery:

US DVD version: Is completely ruined:


Original version: Gentle advice:

US DVD version: Becomes a tense order:


Original version: A moment of dark comedy:

US DVD version: Doesn't make any sense at all:


Orginal version: A lovely joke, which also expresses the difficult, playful, nature of Eli:

US DVD version: Is removed for no reason:


Original version: A bit of subtle flirting:

US DVD version: Becomes arrogance:

For more, head for Icons Of Fright.

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