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6 things the Halo mystery could be

It shows a Spartan helmet with lights on the side, with the reflection of some Halo 3-style flooring in it. What can this mean? Well, as we see it there are five clear possibilities. But first have a look for yourself:

Above: This is the picture. What comes to mind?

Here are somepseudo-logical conclusions:

It's Halo 4!

This is completely improbable, but still possible. Especially when you look at the following picture. What we've done here is try to see what's reflected in the Spartan's helmet by mirroring the image, boosting the contrastand squashing it to reverse the distortion that the rounded surface provides. In it, you can clearly see a '4' and what looks like an 'O' before it. There it is - Halo 4. Even though it would make everyone forget about Halo: Reach. And Bungie are meant to be moving on after Reach. But even so, clearly Halo 4.

Above: You heard it here first

It's an April Fool

Granted, it's not even April 1 yet, but it's that week, so you can expect things to get very silly very soon. Bungie have made April Fool's gags before, so we wouldn't put it past them doing the same this year. If a 'big announcement' is 'dropping this week', it would be the worst week of the year to pick, especially for journos like us who have to work out whether they're actually serious or not. Speaking of which...

Halo Tennis

Are you sure those are black and yellow markings on the floor? Or is that a giant tennis ball wearing a Halo helmet? It's Halo Tennis - coming to Xbox Live for 1200 MS points this Junevember.

Above: Master Chief - meet Ace Chief. You have met your match

A Halo movie

The picture does depict a very realistic-looking helmet. Either it's a new game with astonishingly lifelike graphics (fingers crossed), or it'll be a Halo movie. We're not sure how the latter would work - it's hard to convey complex emotions when you've got a mirror for a face. Well, unless it's reflected bemusement - it's pretty good for that.

Master Chief in Halo: Reach

This is perhaps the most likely conclusion. Reach is supposedly Bungie's last Halo game so it would make sense that their biggest character should appear somewhere in it. Even though the game is a prequel to Halo. Even if it's only slightly feasible, we reckon it's probably. After all,one in a millionchances come good 99% of the time.

It's aLive-enabled remake of Halo 2

Seeing as the old Xbox Live is being switched off, it would be cool if the original games were re-released for new Xbox Live. They could even bung in Halo 1 and add multiplayer functionality. That would be a really cool surprise and a BIG thank you to all of the people who continued playing Halo 2 even after it was a hideously outdated, wheezing mess that was holding back the evolution of Xbox360's online service. Nah, we're not bitter.

So that's out five cents/suggestions. What do you think it's all about?

31 Mar, 2010

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