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The 47 best and oddest photos of Metal Gear's Hideo Kojima being deliriously weird and awesome

Above: "I do not like this Japan Expo"

Above: "Only kidding. I frickin' love it!"

Above: "Ahahahahaha! I really had you going there, didn't I? That was a funny joke"

Above: "Mmmmmm, this cosplayer smells good. The guy behind him, I do not know about yet"

Above: Kojima was having a good day. But little did he know, the girl in the blue top had been following him for weeks. She was always just behind him. Watching. Waiting

Above: "This is where I keep my awards. Do you have these awards? No you do not. Because I have them. Punk"

Above: "Watch out, Beaky. We must be ever vigilant. They will not stop looking for us as long as they think we're still alive"

Above: "Ah say who... who here has a beers? I demand another beers. Barkeep!"

Above: "This is not how you do a magazine cover. That, that behind me. That is how you do a magazine cover"

Above: Er, guys? I think this Global Hypercolor t-shirt is broken. Guys?"

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