The 47 best and oddest photos of Metal Gear's Hideo Kojima being deliriously weird and awesome

Above: "Wait, what? You think that wearing video game t-shirts is nerdy?"

Above: I genuinely have no idea why the hell the things in this image could be happening either

Above: Kojima's "Wear something shiny or GTFO" parties were always such a laugh

Above: Kojima's personal sniper-spotter's senses pricked up. Was that a predator in that tree? Or was it just a large leaf?

Above: These days Kojima is too big for public transport. He won't travel on anything less than the shoulder of his giant Snake mech

Above: Kojima couldn't help it. He was miked-up, he felt another fart coming, and it was going to be hilarious

Above: Some thought that Kojima's progressive fashion sense had gone too far. But he didn't care. His new left shoulder pad was awesome

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David Houghton
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