Here are 25 dogs in game-related Halloween costumes


We love this costume, but the idea of dogs in the Tron world is scary. How many light cycle races would be ruined by dogs chasing the bikes? Too many, we think.


It's one thing to dress you dog as a video game character, it's another to dress it as an entire level like this. Pure craftsmanship.


Any Ninja Turtle would be perfect for a dog costume, but why would you want your dog to be dressed as anyone but the best?


Dress dog like Yoda, you should. Appreciate it, he will. Many sloppy dog kisses, you will receive.


Watch out when dressing your dog as Superman, it may think it is actually Superman and try to fly from the couch to the dinner table. Remember: Milk-Bone is their kryptonite.


Maybe you're not sure which character you want to dress the dog as, so why not dress him like the device you play some of the games on? Does the software update include a "no accidents in the house" setting?

What's your dog wearing this year?

We've shown you some awesome canine costumes for this Halloween, but are you pulling off something we've never seen? Let us know (and bring pictures if you can!) in the comments below.

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