Guess the game from its Wikipedia plot synopsis

Do you pay attention to the story?

You've got to love Wikipedia. With every video game entry either written by its developer or the most hardcore of fans, game plots are taken extremely seriously, each one encapsulated in the most beautiful(ly bonkers) synopsis imaginable. Which makes for an amusing collection of nonsense when taken out of context. Which, perhaps predictably, is where we come in!

So we've collected some prime examples of Wikilogic and placed them in this gallery. Can you tell which game each one is taken from? We'll give you a clue and the answer on each slide (hidden in White Text) and we'll also put all the answers on the final slide in case you're reading this on a phone or something. Also, any imagery was going to give the game away so we've used abstract images. Definitely not just the contents of our Photo Stream. Nuh-uh. So here we go: Time to find out how much narrative nonsense your brain-sponge has absorbed while playing video games for countless years. Hurrah!

Let's start with an easy one...

Clue: A PS3 exclusive.

Answer: Journey

Ah video game logic. YOU'RE NOT REAL!

Clue: This one's easy. Town? Maria? Come on, you know you know it...

Answer: Silent Hill 2

What a crappy restaurant...

Clue: We don't mean 'starters' as in 'food'.

Answer: Pokemon Yellow

What the...

Clue: You (c)rappin' BAD!

Answer: Parappa The Rapper

Who's cross?

Clue: More than desiring of swift locomotion on late-era PS2s (subsequently ported to next-gen).

Answer: Need for Speed Carbon

No teddy bear, no way...

Clue: Used real diseased skin as wall textures.

Answer: Shadowman.

Hehehe... 'cleft'

Clue: Nimrod backwards.

Answer: Shadow of the Colossus.

Blackbird/Blackburn... how fortuitous!

Clue: That grass could represent a 'field'.

Answer: Battlefield 3.

When Tengu drunk too much lemonade...?

Clue: It's a fighting tournament.

Answer: Dead or Alive 2.

An evil plan if ever there was one...

Clue: The opposite of good clean fun.

Answer: Rumble Roses.

I was with you until 'manages'

Clue: Licking an ice lolly stick in prison.

Answer: Splinter Cell.

You'll never get this one...

Clue: I blame Mario Party.

Answer: Sonic Shuffle.

How did you do?

Did you guess them all? Surely nobody got that last one. If you did, you win... at life. Congratulations! However, if you were stumped and didn't read the white text answers, here they are in order: Journey, Silent Hill 2, Pokemon Yellow, Parappa the Rapper, Need For Speed Carbon, Shadowman, Shadow of the Colossus, Battlefield 3, Dead or Alive 2, Rumble Roses, Splinter Cell and Sonic Shuffle. So now you know!

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