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Here are 25 dogs in game-related Halloween costumes

Halloween has gone to the dogs!

Earlier this month, GamesRadar's staff were sitting around in a room discussing important Halloween-themed articles when someone said, "What about an article where we show pictures of dogs wearing game-themed Halloween costumes?" And thus, this article was born, because dogs look like they hate wearing costumes--which is hilarious--and some people put a lot of effort into squeezing their pup into a cute getup.

We know dressing up the dog can be lame, but there are a few great costumes out there for your best friend. The following 25 slides should give you an idea of how you can dress up your canine companion, and who knows... maybe you'll find a costume for yourself too!


Mario is a classic character, so dressing your dog up as the plucky plumber will be sure to get some recognition.


If you're afraid that not even your friends will know who Mario is, or if you just want to spice up the overalls and red shirt, throw some props in like this corgi has.

This little guy is really excited to be the Hero of Time, and we're really excited for him.

Where the last Link was just the tunic, this guy goes all out with the hood, sword, and shield. He's ready for battle!


Everyone knows Pokemon, and everyone who knows Pokemon knows Pikachu. The two go hand-in-hand.


However, if you want to dress your dog as a Pokemon but don't like the little yellow rat, may we humbly suggest Bulbasaur.


If you REALLY want to impress your Pokemaniac friends, however, take your dog out as Umbreon like this guy here. We love this costume and wish we owned it.

Princess Peach

We're not just talking about male dogs here, so why not dress up your little princess (don't lie, you've called her that) as a princess?


If you do choose the Peach costume, watch out for the neighborhood Bowser dog. He likes to steal princesses and be defeated a bunch of times.