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12 games you might never play

Above: “Rrrrr… my arm is pointy with rage!”

Unlike Silicon Knight’s most recent game, Too Human, Eternal Darkness was a critical favorite and cult hit. Too Human, on the other foot, spent almost 10 years eating up Microsoft cash before it was released, and when it was released, it was received with a collective “eeeeeh…” Does it make sense for Digital Knights to shove the two upcoming Too Human games over and focus their energy on an Eternal Darkness follow up? We think so. Does Dyack?

In 2008, he followed up his “absolutely yes” comment with a “strong chance”.That’s all we’ve heard so far, but we wouldn’t be absolutely shocked if Silicon Knights suddenly announced a new Eternal Darkness game.

For a while, it was rumored that Capcom owned the domain, but as of right now, another party appears to be parked on the domain. In a 2006 interview by French gaming site JeuxFrance (now Gamekyo), Atsushi Inaba, President of Clover Studios (creators of Viewtiful Joe), suggested that he may be interested in developing a Viewtiful Joe game for the Wii. Then Clover Studios made Okami and God Hand, and the rest is history. Okami undersold, despite us constantly reminding everyone to buy it (we tried!), and the studio was dissolved. Its members went on to form Platinum Games (the creators of MadWorld).

Above: We love crazy shit

Capcom could still decide to revive the series, but without the original development team, it seems unlikely that Joe will do anything other than make cameos in other Capcom titles.


Viewtiful Joe may be over and done, but we can be happy that one Capcom game is not dead. We have good reason to believe that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will be rereleased as a downloadable game. What’s our good reason? This countdown site,, is not very subtle. Take You for a Ride – that’s the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 character select song, and if you’ve heard it before, it is now stuck in your head. Plus there’s a big ‘2’ behind the countdown clock. Come on now. If we’re wrong, I will sing five bars of “Take You for a Ride” on our next podcast.

Yakuza 3 is about as close as we’ll get to Shenmue III. You could count that delayed MMO, Shenmue Online, but it isn’t a true sequel (and even if it is released, it probably won’t appear in the west). Shenmue is almost definitely dead.

Above: This series was going to revolutionize gaming – too bad the revolution cost 70 million dollars and debuted on a failed console

Yu Suziki, the game’s creator, is part of a new development team – he’s moved on, doing new things. Shenmue and Shenmue II cost an obscene amount of money to make, and due to the Dreamcast’s small install-base, didn’t come close to breaking even. One of the greatest games ever was a complete failure. It’s 2009 – Shenmue II was released in 2001, and we’ve heard no plans for a revival. Sorry, but Ryo’s story is over.

Apr 24, 2009

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