Atari rolls out more Dragon Balls

Tuesday 25 April 2006
Atari has released the first few screens of the fifth DBZ game for PS2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2.

The game combines spectacular one-on-one fighting with RPG elements as gamers can scrap their way through a story mode that spans the entire anime series - that's Dragon Ball, DBZ and Dragon Ball GT.

Once again, developer Spike is in charge of the project (rather than Dimps who created the first three Budokai games), maintaining the behind-the-shoulder viewpoint and the intense in-air action. Minigames and tag-team action has also been added to story mode to ensure the action is representative of the various storylines.

The game will feature 15 3D and destructible environments as well as over 100 different playable character and nine game mode - which should be enough for any DBZ nut. Move your mouse up to the images tab for more fresh screens.

Above: DBZ beat-'em-ups are like no other