AC Syndicate's Jacob Frye can be your handsome desk buddy for $650

If you have a 16.78” x 14" x 13.8" empty space on your desk and a deep love for Victorian mobsters, you may want to reserve an official Jacob Frye Premier Scale Statue from video game replica group TriForce (opens in new tab). He is a little bit expensive at $650 (with a $162.50 deposit required for pre-orders), but he does come with a mini-bottle of wine. Oh, um, the wine is just for him though. He brought two bottles but he accidentally dropped the other one and it broke. Sorry.

The 15-pound polystone mini-diorama depicts the younger Frye twin in a rare, calm moment, seated with a cane sword and kitted-out gauntlet. He's probably smiling because there's a bunch of Blighters getting gutted on the other side of the room, but you could pretend he's just pleased to be hanging out with your unopened mail. TriForce plans to start shipping the statues out in the third quarter of 2016, which means you should have it just in time to fill that Assassin's Creed-shaped hole (opens in new tab) in this year's release schedule.

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