Assassin's Creed III 'Tyranny of King Washington' DLC announced

If Assassin's Creed III's historical fiction account of the American Revolution isn't fictional enough, perhaps fighting the oppressive regime of King George Washington will fit the bill. Ubisoft today announced plans for five packs of AC III downloadable content available in one $30 season-pass purchase, three of which center on "The Tyranny of King Washington.”

The alternate history narrative will appear on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and follow in the non-canonical DLC footsteps of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and InFamous: Festival of Blood. "As the revolution comes to a close, a new and most unexpected enemy emerges," Ubisoft said in its announcement. "Driven by the desire to secure the fate of the colonies, the Revolution’s greatest hero, George Washington succumbs to the temptation of infinite power [and] a new King is born."

The other two packs set to launch within the first six months after release deliver additional single player and multiplayer content. For more on the full game which launches October 30, check out 63 amazing things GamesRadar editors did while playing through several hours at their leisure.

Connor Sheridan

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