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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood beta goes live for ALL PlayStation Plus subscribers

Early beta access is among the many incentivespromised by the PlayStation Plus service. And that makes iteasy to see why adopters of the program would expect automatic access to the PS3 exclusive Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer beta. Unfortunately, many eager AC fans didn’t see the fine print: Only “select” Plus subscribers would be granted early access Needless to say, much anger ensued…. And rightfully so, especially since a Plus membership was only half the price of entry; you had to pre-order the game from select (there's that word again)retailers, too. Ouch…

Above: The gate's are open! EVERYONE get in here

So,good newsfor that jilted lot today! You can all throw away any uncompleted drafts of death threats to Ubisoft, and we encourage you to put out all fires set on or near your PlayStation 3. Ubisoft and Sony have made thingsright with their fans following Tuesday’s backlash and opened up the Brotherhood beta to ALL PlayStation Plus subscribers, regardless of preorder. Man, gotta love the disparity in the comments on the PlayStation Blog betweenTuesdayandtoday:

Above: PlayStation fans feel things just a little harder. What a difference 48 hours makes

I know three days can seem like an eternity on the internet, but I still think it’s worth applauding both companies for reacting so well, so quickly. Whether it was all part of the plan or a snap response due to massive community outcry, THIS is how a premium subscription service should work.

Oct 8, 2010