As it finishes Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, BioWare brings in the Mass Effect team and former series lead Mark Darrah

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BioWare has revealed that the Mass Effect team and veteran Dragon Age boss Mark Darrah are coming in to help get Dragon Age: Dreadwolf across the finish line.

As BioWare noted last year, Mass Effect 5 remains in pre-production for the time being - which according to a new report from GamesBeat has left much of the game's production staff available for work on Dreadwolf. The new Dragon Age has been in post-production since September and is now playable from start to finish, but there's plenty of work left to be done.

"Our studio is focused on creating the best Dragon Age: Dreadwolf while the core Mass Effect team continues their pre-production work," BioWare general manager Gary McKay tells GamesBeat. "We continue to iterate and polish Dreadwolf, focusing on the things that matter most to our fans. As we further connect this new experience with the series’ legacy Mark Darrah will join the team as a consultant, bringing with him years of experience working on Dragon Age."

Darrah took a lead role on much of the Dragon Age series, serving as co-director on Origins, director on 2, and executive producer on both Inquisition and the early versions of Dragon Age 4. He announced his departure from BioWare in 2020, and in 2022, began consulting work, which it now seems he's bringing to the series he formerly helped run.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has had a long road to release, and there's still no concrete release date. Early versions of the game reportedly had a big focus on live service elements, but these days BioWare is emphasizing that it's all in on single-player. We haven't seen much of what to expect from the game itself, however - at least not officially.

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