Artificial Stupidity

Back on the subject of Oblivion, if you're going to dub your new game's NPC intelligence 'Radiant AI', it's just asking for trouble. While we love the game dearly and still play it regularly after all this time, the AI can be hilarious. Just look at these three videos. One of them had us laughing so hard we had to click away to get our breath back. Firstly, a surreal dinner...

Then the dog lovers. It's the juxtaposition of scripted speech and unscripted behaviour that makes it so funny. He's gone stark raving mad!

And finally the craziest two NPCs in the book. This is pre-determined behaviour, but it does count as artificial stupidity. And not even death can stop this babbling nonsense. The maker of this video tries to stop the corpse with some violence and teabagging, but... it won't! The video is quite long, but worth the effort, we think.