Aronofsky gets Lost

Now we know what’s taking Darren Aronofsky so long to finish The Fountain, which still doesn’t have a confirmed release date here in the UK. He’s been watching Lost!

All right, so he’s been hard at work on his next film as well, but Entertainment Weekly reveals that the director will work on an episode of the twisty TV show. “It was one of those fantastic calls out of the blue,” says Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse. “His agents let us know he liked the show, and we jumped at the opportunity. Apparently, he had been watching Lost while up in Montreal shooting The Fountain and got hooked.”

But won’t this just add more delays to The Fountain? “I think he will be done,” speculates Cuse. “We scheduled it so that the show is coming on the heels of finishing The Fountain. And we will try to put together a story that will be well-suited for Darren’s talents and visual imagination.”

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