Arnie has seen Rambo!

Sylvester Stallone has taken part in a very entertaining talkback over at Ain't It Cool News - answering so many fanboy questions we wouldn't be surprised if Rambo develops RSI in the next movie.

Sly has his tongue in his cheek throughout, but one revelation seemed genuine - Stallone sent Schwarzenegger a copy of his latest movie.

"I did let him see the new Rambo movie first and he called me at 10 o’clock at night complimenting me on what he saw. How’s that for irony? So maybe all that cinematic bloodshed has rekindled his action hero machinery into overdrive and he may want to act again. Who knows?"

We love the idea of our favourite commando giving Cobra notes on his performance.

And let's hope that when The Governator hangs up his suit, we can convince him to put on some leathers instead. To be the Terminator again, you understand.

Source: ( aintitcool )