Arkham City has Batman/Joker co-op? Could be, if this trailer is real

Update: The original uploader has disabled embed code, probably to force people to view the video on his YouTube page. You can do sohere

Ready for more Arkham City speculation? Today a YouTube video, which shows Batman and Joker teaming up to beat down waves of beefy thugs, suggests a brand new co-op mode could be in the works for the upcoming sequel. Naturally this has led to a great deal of "Fake!" comments, and it's entirely possible this is an elaborate work of machinima (I recognize some of thedialog from 2009's Arkham Asylum, for example), but even if that's the case, it's a damn good piece of machinima.

If it turns out to be legit, we'd safely assume this entire mode would be outside the narrative of the main story. Bats and Joker setting each other up for WWE-style takedowns? Not in a million years. But as an aside, hey why not? And why not bring in all the other characters announced for the game as well, each with different team up bonuses? Joker and Harley have one special takedown, Joker and Two Face have another and so on.

Above: The two-handed takedown, a move new to Arkham City, is seen in the trailer. Is this careful manipulation or the real deal?

We're inclined to go with "fake but awesome." Between the recycled dialog and the Arkham Asylum-era bad guys and environment, this feels more like a well-constructed piece of fandom. But then again, maybe this "leaked" from Rocksteady internal, and was filled with placeholder enemies and dialog just to convey the general idea of the mode to other employees? What say you? And even if it's a fun-lovin' hoax, would you want to see a similar mode make it into Arkham City for real?

We've contacted WB Interactive for further information on the off chance this has some merit - keep yer eyes peeled!

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