Arkanoid = DS with knobs on

Friday 3 August 2007
80s arcade smash Arkanoid is heading for DS (currently in Japan only) and it's going to support an optional knob peripheral. Yes, you read that right. A true arcade-faithful knob to keep in your pocket. Stop sniggering at the back.

For those who've never experienced Arkanoid's simple charms, the game is a bat and ball game in the style of Breakout. You move the paddle (in this case a space ship named Vaus) from left to right, deflecting a ball into blocks which disappear on contact with it. Once the blocks are all gone, you're on to the next stage.

Unlike Breakout, Arkanoid features power-ups and a big boss at the end, so it's not that simplistic. And with its faithfully reproduced knob control for progressive paddle movement, the game should be a retro-lover's dream. The DS version will feature 140 stages and a quest mode too, so there will be plenty on offer to keep knob fiddlers occupied. Here's hoping the game and its shiny knob get a European release soon.