Ark wants to make up for The Stomping Land with Bling Shades. Or something

Quick history lesson: The Stomping Land was a kickstarted dinosaur/survival game that took a lot of money ($114, 060, to be precise) and then just sort of went quiet. It was released but the 'finished' thing was buggy, rarely updated and pretty much died a death last year leaving a lot of people unhappy.

Ark: Survival Evolved is hoping to make it up to those people with this:

No, I'm not sure how that helps either.

Those are the 'Stomping Land Bling Shades', an accessory you can make your Tyrannosaurus Rex wear, hopefully triggering some sort of pretend animal cruelty alarm if you do. The game's Steam page states:

"We promised a little something for those of you who were let down by The Stomping Land. We at Studio Wildcard are sympathetic and want to help ease the suffering and tend to the wounds. Join us at your new Dinosaur home!"

To be clear Studio Wildcard have nothing to do with The Stomping Land and for those of you that have no idea what's going on here, then we covered Ark: Survival Evolved earlier, and here's a trailer:

It's a survival game with crafting and dinosaurs that's coming to PC, PS4 and XB1. That's several points in its favour right there, although I can't help but feel diamond-encrusted glasses and use of the word 'bling' cancels out some of those points.

However, armoured war tortoises, so maybe have some of those points back.

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