Are you a Pokemon Master? Test yourself with this quiz

Are you the very best that no-one ever was? Is catching them your real test? Is training them your cause? Then I think I've got the perfect thing to test your Pokemon prowess. To celebrate the 20th birthday of the Pokemon series and the rerelease of Red, Blue, and Yellow on 3DS I've made a fiendishly difficult quiz for true Pokemon Masters.

First some ground rules, this quiz covers Red and Blue, and the first 151 Pokemon and their original typings only (yes, Mew totally counts) so don't worry about any of those fancy newer generations and regions. And don't forget to let us know how you did! Are you a Pokemon Master or do you need a few more Gym badges? Have fun!

Daniella  Lucas
Dani's ears prick up every time the words 'final' and 'fantasy' are mentioned in the same sentence. Great when talking about JRPGs, but it becomes a real hassle when discussing the finals of your fantasy football league. Cloud would totally be a better striker than Rooney.