Aquaman surfaces

Some say their TV show about a high school kid in a little American town gave the world back its appetite for Superman. Whether that’s true or not, Smallville became the entrée for Bryan Singer’s main course and now the men behind the (young) man of steel are looking to revive another slumbering superkid.

Miles Millar and Alfred Gough are currently working with Warner Bros to develop a pilot for comic book hero Aquaman. The premise for the show will follow the ridiculously successful format set down by Smallville, which centres on a young Clark Kent trying to live a normal life in a small US farm town.

Similarly, Aquaman will not have a costume and will be in his early twenties. In a recent episode of Smallville entitled Aqua, Clark encountered a mysterious swimmer known as AC. According to the comic books, Aquaman was a prince from the lost city of Atlantis named Orin who was abandoned and raised by dolphins. Later in life, he was adopted by a lighthouse keeper named Arthur Curry.

Aquaman paddled onto the scene in DC Comics in 1941 and now has his own comic book franchise.