April Fools Day 2020 round-up: God of War, Overwatch, and more

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April Fools Day 2020 is here, and you know what that means. Pranks, as far as the eye can see, whether it's game developers, streaming services, or general prank stories, we're here to help you sift through the best, the weirdest, and the one's that are too good to be true. 

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Right, let's check out the fools...

April Fools Day 2020 round-up

Cory Barlog gets all blushy at a God of War sequel

Aside from a few teasers, Sony's Santa Monica Studio has said nothing official about making another God of War game. That didn't stop one fan from impersonating the studio to show off this impressive (fake) poster for a sequel, featuring a climactic clash on the World Serpent. Normally we wouldn't include fan pranks, but Barlog's shocked reaction pushes it over the edge.

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Blushy face indeed!

Dying Light's got it on block

The grim realism of Dying Light gets an injection of Unturned's grim, uh, cartoon-ism with this limited time crossover event. On top of all the zombies becoming blockheads, you can also craft Unturned weapons that come with extra-high durability and extra-low stamina cost.

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The special event is only playable on PC, though consoles will get to pick up the crossover bundle later this month.

Guild Wars 2 is invaded by giant cats

Guild Wars 2 first came out in 2012, and it's been around for its share of April Fools' pranks. This year it decided to go for something that's both alarming and subtle all at once: a giant cat invasion, as spotted by our sister site PC Gamer.

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The cats have shown up around the world near social hotspots for players. You can also open your in-game mail to find a stack of potions that cause might-bestowing cats (regular sized ones) to appear in the world around you.

For Honor gets tiny

Last year Rabbids invaded For Honor, replacing the generic infantry with hordes of shrieking lagomorphs. This year For Honor is going for something simpler, but no less effective: you're tiny.

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The weapons are still quite big (maybe not original size, but big), instantly converting For Honor to an anime battle simulator the likes of which is rarely seen outside of JRPGs. The grunts are still their usual size too, so you get to enjoy cutting through them like a superpowered lumberjack through a forest.

Pokemon Go brings in the tricksters

As if the world wasn't already confusing enough, Pokemon Go is full of Pokemon that look like other things right now. Voltorbs and Foonguses are roaming around all lookin' like Pokeballs, Sudowoodos are doing tree impersonations everywhere. Then there's Aipom and Ditto being their usual tricksy selves.

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Make sure you to go to take some pictures (while you're playing safe from home), because you also might find your shots photobombed by some unexpected pocket monsters.


Overwatch is starting the April Fools' Day 2020 foolin' strong with one very simple yet strong addition to the game: googly eyes.

Launch Overwatch on your platform of choice right now and you'll find that every single character has googly eyes (or one eye, in Ana's case) attached to their face, across every skin, across every mode. Even Zenyatta, who doesn't really have eyes per se, gets to join the celebration with a pair of physics-enabled cartoon eyeballs.

Certain character props such as Reinhardt's shield and Hanzo's Dragonstrike have also been visited by the spirits of foolish April.

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Not Ashe's friend Bob, though. Bob does not have time for these shenanigans.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is no stranger to April Fools Day pranks, but this is one of their better ones. The infamously small map Shipment can now be played as a 10v10 team deathmatch. It's not quite as exciting as Prop Hunt, but it certainly makes for an even more frantic experience. Best of luck in this one, solider. 

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The (Good) Boys 

While we all patiently wait for The Boys Season 2, Amazon Prime has had a little fun by announcing a new spin-off for the show... with an exclusively canine cast. Don't lie, you'd absolutely watch The Boys if every character was played by a dog. And look how cute they are as well. They are good boys. 

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DuckTales Quackshots

Okay, so, this one might actually be real. FDG Entertainment, who also developed Monster Boy, tweeted that their new project is going to be a DuckTales game and produced four screenshots that look brilliant. Check them out down below.

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We're taking this one with a vat full of salt for now. After all, it would be a peculiar way to announce a pretty major project for the indie studio. We've reached out to the developer to see if they'll shed any more light on it, but for now, we're calling this as a pretty impressive April Fools.  

Zombie Army Trilogy 

Zombie Army Trilogy and Zombie Army 4 might already be on Nintendo Switch, but why stop there with the ports? The official account has "revealed" which Nintendo console will be the next one to get a Zombie Army port and to be honest, we'd actually like to see how that would work...

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PlatinumGames 4th Announcement 

Remember how PlatinumGames had been teasing a fourth reveal since announcing The Wonderful 101 Remastered, a new game, and their new studio? Well, it's an April Fools. The video above is teasing a new version of a long forgotten arcade called Terra Cresta (no, we don't remember it either). If you were in any doubt about it being an April Fools jape, the video has a handy April Fools hashtag. 

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