Apex Legends studio loses creative director of its unannounced single player game

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The creative director of Apex Legends developer Respawn's unannounced single player game has departed the studio.

VGC noted that Mohammad Alavi had updated his LinkedIn profile to read "after 10 years at Respawn and getting to ship the most amazing games of my career it was time to call it quits. A whole range of emotions washed over me after saying goodbyes to the people that had a huge impact on my career."

Heading over to the career section of Alavi's profile, he was listed as the "Creative Director on a brand new singleplayer adventure from Respawn Entertainment," and had held the role since March 2021. Prior to that, Alavi worked as a Narrative Design Director on Apex Legends since November 2020, and even notes that he trained up leads to replace him upon exiting the game.

This isn't the first time we've heard mention of an unannounced single player game in development at Respawn. Last year in July 2021, Alavi himself took to Twitter to reveal that the L.A.-based studio was working on a "brand new single player adventure," with himself as the creative director of said project.

Elsewhere however, Respawn revealed it was developing a "brand new IP" earlier in the year in April 2021. Job listings at the studio hinted further at the new IP, which will exist outside of the established worlds of Titanfall, Apex Legends, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but we don't know if this new IP is the same single player project that Alavi was heading up.

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