Apex Legends Rampart trailer features a major villain from the Titanfall universe

The latest Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands trailer further connects the game with the Titanfall universe by confirming the involvement of Kuben Blisk. Check out the trailer above.

The trailer shows how Rampart, the latest character joining Apex Legends season 6, gets her invite to the Apex Games (it's also the connection to that Bangalore backstory tease - Rampart's real name is Ramya Parekh). Rampart is attacked by a mysterious group of bad guys (including one she refers to as "Big Sister") who knock her unconscious and light her shop on fire. Just before she meets her fiery fate, however, she's rescued by a man with a South African accent. 

The white-haired man who hands her a ticket to the Apex Games is Kuben Blisk, the main antagonist from Titanfall 2. Blisk was the leader of the Apex Predators, a band of freelance Pilots known for their ruthlessness, and after the Frontier War he allegedly created the Apex Games. Clearly he waits around for people to have their lives nearly ruined before inviting them to join a professional bloodsport league.

Whether or not Blisk will end up joining the roster of Legends remains to be seen. Dataminer That1MiningGuy reportedly found Blisk in the Apex Legends files last year, but the YouTube video that confirmed his appearance has since been taken down and the channel has been deleted. If Blisk is announced, however, it's likely he'll end up debuting in season 7 - sort of like how Loba made an appearance in Revenant's official cinematic trailer. 

Apex Legends season 6 isn't just adding engineer Rampart into the mix, but is adding the Volt, a popular Titanfall gun, and a new crafting mechanic. It'll be interesting to see how this comes together for the new season.

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Alyssa Mercante

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