Wattson, is that you? Apex Legends PS4 leak reveals another character will arrive during season one

We're only just coming to the end of the first week of the Apex Legends battle pass, but it looks like we'll be getting considerably more content as the season progresses. The start of the season saw Octane introduced which is undoubtedly one of the two characters mentioned in the official PlayStation page for the game, but who could the second be?

All signs would point toward Wattson, who is another character that has been leaked. Now that Octane turned out to be true, it provides considerably more credence to the leaks, and it seems likely that Wattson will be the next Legend to join the roster.

There's no official word on this yet of course and we don't know exactly what Wattson's abilities will be - if she even turns out to be the correct character - but we can make a guess that they revolve around electricity and shocking opponents, thanks to her name. We do know that Wattson will be a woman (her name is reportedly Natalie Paquette) which is helpfully covered in our Apex Legends Wattson guide.

That's not all. Right underneath the mention of "two new characters" coming to Apex Legends during season one, it goes on to say that there will be a new weapon too. Most of the guns in Apex Legends are straight from the Titanfall games, so it's likely this will follow suit. Could we see the Volt SMG, L-STAR LMG, or Charge Rifle added to the game? Here's hoping it's not the Smart Pistol. The PS4 page also mentions that there will be two new items introduced to the game. These could be anything from healing items to throwables to weapon attachments, or even something new entirely. Anyone for some Satchel Charges?

It's important to note that we knew more content would be coming during season one thanks to the roadmap featured in our Apex Legends battle pass guide, but we had no idea exactly what that meant. Now we know there's a bunch of stuff coming, we're even more excited for what the future holds in Apex Legends.

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