Apex Legends hidden ship below the King’s Canyon map unearthed by dataminers

Apex Legends
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

An Apex Legends dataminer has uncovered what appears to be none other than the Mirage Voyage ship hiding underneath the King's Canyon map.

Below, you can see the datamined details from regular sleuth Shrugtal, who has a storied history of digging up information on Apex Legends before it's announced by Respawn. This time, the dataminer appears to have found the Mirage Voyage ship hiding underneath the King's Canyon map, right above the remnants of the ruined Skull Town (which was blown to bits back when Loba was introduced to the game last year).

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If you're unfamiliar with the Mirage Voyage ship in Apex Legends, it was a point of interest previously seen on the World's Edge map near the end of 2019, introducing during the first Holo-Bash limited-time event. It's basically a very egocentric party barge for Mirage, and quickly became a hotpoint of player activity when launching from the drop ship at the beginning of a match.

As Shrugtal points out in the tweet above, this is a similar situation to how the "UFO" was datamined back in Season 5 of Apex Legends. Previously, dataminers discovered a UFO in the game, which ended up becoming a point of interest on the new Olympus map, which was added to Respawn's game earlier in the current Season 7.

The dataminer could be theorising that the Mirage Voyage ship might reappear on the original King's Canyon map at some point in the future of Apex Legends. As with the UFO, it's not like the Mirage Voyage ship has been positioned within the vicinity of the King's Canyon map by accident.

For all you need to know about the King's Canyon and World Edge maps in Respawn's game, head over to our Apex Legends map guide for more.

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