Apex Legends 2 is never going to be made, according to an Apex Legends developer

Apex Legends did a commendable job adding a new dimension to the familiar battle royale genre, but if its success is making you ponder whether a sequel is on the horizon, you're wrong. In an interview with USGamer, executive producer at Respawn Drew McCoy has revealed that Apex Legends 2 is never, ever going to be made. Ever. 

Specifically, he said that "most people don’t realize how long it takes to make anything, and so a character for us takes about a year and a half to make. So we’ve been playing Wattson since early last year, but we have so much stuff in the pipe right now coming that people are always like, ‘So what are you guys gonna do for this or that?’ Like dude, we’re thinking years ahead at this point. We do believe in this game as a live game. We’re never gonna make an Apex 2; hoping next Season 72 is awesome. That’s kind of where our head is at: how are we setting this up for the long term." 

Basically, in lieu of a sequel McCoy makes it sound like there are plans for the game to be updated with a whole flood of seasons instead. Considering it took them over a year to create the newest character Wattson, like Overwatch a steady influx of different characters are going to be one of the main additions Apex Legends will see over the years. Like Fortnite judging from what McCoy said Apex Legends going to include semi-regular seasons that bring new content, so maybe in 2022 we'll be playing Apex Legends season 72 like McCoy mentioned, on the PS5 hopefully… 

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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