Anton Yelchin chats Star Trek

Readers of Total Film’s most recent issue will have seen Anton Yelchin spilling some interesting details about the new Star Trek film, in which he plays Russian navigator Pavel Chekov.

We’ll have more from him in a future issue, but MTV tracked the lad down and asked him some other questions, including a few that Trek fans will find interesting. Such as, given the big budget of the new movie, can we assume that there will be a few more aliens on the bridge? “I'm hanging out with aliens; there are aliens on the ship, all sorts - it's a multi-ethnic film. They're much more than generic creatures with green skin and big eyes."

We also learn that he bucks the traditional Chekov trend of getting captured, tortured or both on a regular basis. Oh, and Spock is the only crewmember who gets to meet another version of himself. Hit up MTV’s piece for much more.

Source: ( MTV )