Ant-Man takes on Batman Vs Supermans old 2015 release date

Marvel has taken advantage of the Warner Bros’ delayed Batman Vs Superman movie and moved up the release of Ant-Man to 17 July 2015.

Edgar Wright’s comic-book adaptation of Ant-Man , starring Paul Rudd as the title character, with Michael Douglas recently announced in a supporting role as original Ant-Man Hank Pym, was supposed to be released on 31 July 2015.

But with Batman Vs Superman getting pushed back to 2016, that left a slot open earlier in the year and Marvel has claimed it by bringing the release of the film forward by two weeks.

Ant-Man will now be released in cinemas in direct competition with Joe Wright’s liva action Peter Pan film (for which it was recently announced that Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund would be playing Captain Hook).

Meanwhile, the current release date of Batman Vs Superman – 6 May 2016 – means that it's set to go head to head with an as-yet-unrevealed Marvel Phase three film (possibly Doctor Strange ). Although, it is expected that Marvel may now move this to another slot in the year...