Another Super Mario 64 speedrun category might be dead after player beats world record with flawless run

Super Mario 64
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Another Super Mario 64 speedrun category might be dead after one player managed to beat the world record with an absolutely flawless run.

Super Mario 64 launched all the way back in 1996, and to this day, players are still competing to see who can finish it the fastest. The classic platformer has various speedrun categories based on the number of Power Stars collected. Now, just days after beating the world record in the 1-Star category, one prominent Super Mario 64 speedrunner has also set a new record for a 16-Star run, with a finish time that will be almost impossible to beat.

That speedrunner is none other than Suigi, who managed to achieve the world's first sub 14:40 16-Star run with a total time of 14:35.50. The previous record was 14:41.38, which they also held. The speedrunner posted a video of their latest attempt on YouTube, and as the footage shows, it's a perfect run. "I'm actually f***ing speechless," Suigi says in the video's description. "This is the best ever time I could hope to achieve". 

Amazingly, it's the second Super Mario 64 world record that Suigi has claimed recently, as just over a week ago he completed a 1-Star run in less than seven minutes. Speedrun fans were overjoyed at the speedrunner's latest victory, and much like with the 1-Star run, some think this remarkably low completion time means the category is now pretty much dead. "Rest in peace 16-Star. It was fun while it lasted," says one fan in the Twitter comments. Another writes, "16-Star is literally over". While a third calls it "one of the most insane runs of all time."

With his latest 16-Star record Suigi is satisfied that he's achieved the best time he can and is now ready to take on a new challenge. In a tweet, the speedrunner says, "First 14:3X, world record, with no mistakes. I am done. It's time to move on."

Move on to what? We hear you cry. Why 120-Star speedruns, of course! According to, the world record for this category is currently 1h 37m and 35s, which is incredible. Still, given the skills Suigi has shown so far, we wouldn't be surprised if he ends up claiming the top spot for this one too.

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