This Super Mario 64 speedrun record is so ridiculous fans are wondering if anyone will even bother trying to beat it

Super Mario 64
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A Super Mario 64 speedrunner has completed a 1-Star run in less than seven minutes, making them the first person in the world to do so, and players are left wondering whether anyone will bother trying to do any better.

Super Mario 64 is now almost three decades old, but to this day, players are still competing to see who can reach the credits the fastest. Recently popular Super Mario 64 speedrunner Suigi set a new world record with a 1-Star run that took them just 6:58.35. The previous record was 7:03.57, which Suigi also held.

The speedrunner posted their recent record-breaking attempt on YouTube, and while many fans were overjoyed at the result, some think that this ridiculously low completion time will deter others from even attempting to beat it. 

"Absolutely insane run", says Splax77 on the speedrun subreddit. "It's not unbeatable, but sub-seven was the final minute barrier, so this is going kill any motivation to run the category." User imwaytopunny writes, "It's pretty close to unbeatable [to be honest], especially for anyone besides Suigi."

And they're not the only ones who feel that this latest record might have just killed the category entirely. "This is the first truly mistakeless WR I've ever seen in Mario 64," says user Secure_Molasses_8504. "Will be very hard for someone to find the motivation to try and beat him." Similarly, ta2 says, "People will continue competing for a while, but it would take inhuman luck in addition to perfect execution to beat this time. I wouldn't be surprised if this record stands forever."

We'll have to wait and see whether Suigi or another player with superhuman skills manages an even speedier finish or if, indeed, anyone else even bothers to give it a go. 

That's not the only Super Mario 64 speedrun news we've had lately, as earlier this month, a speedrunner found a way to obtain the "impossible" 1-Up in the Cool, Cool Mountain level without dying.

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