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Who is Zipper T. Bunny really in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

animal crossing new horizons zipper t bunny
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There's a brand new event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and with it comes a mysterious character known as Zipper T. Bunny. He's here to celebrate the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day (opens in new tab), a special themed event for Easter, featuring all sorts of new celebratory items and crafting recipes. But, there's something rather downright odd about this new fuzzy bunny. 

It's not the first time he's appeared in the series to date, and regardless of which game he's appeared in, who's within the suit has always caused much head scratching, and it's no different in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The way he speaks instantly raises the alarm. Take your very first exchange with him as an example:

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Why would he even mention it being a costume? It only serves to highlight that he might not be a cute - albeit slightly sinister-looking - bunny rabbit after all. 

Then there's the zip. Another clue to it being someone else inside the costume is the fact there's a big silver zip going down Zipper T. Bunny's back, and of course, his name is also Zipper.

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Suspicious, right? 

Well, there's more. Look what happens in Photo Mode if you run off screen. Zipper T. Bunny drops the facade, the constant bouncing and happiness, and starts huffing and puffing...

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Who is Zipper T. Bunny?

(Image credit: Nintendo)

There have been many a speculation as to who exactly is Zipper T. Bunny over the years. Some suggest that the 'T' in his name is actually for Tortimer, the turtle mayor from the Animal Crossing series, who finally retired in New Leaf. The fact Zipper T. Bunny isn't that physically fit and has to take breaks when you're not looking certainly lines up with the character within being a little older, or at less agile.

However, there were rumours that Tortimer, sadly, didn't make it to the times of New Horizons. Those rumours, though, have never been proven. 

Then there's Tom Nook. The little round Tanooki is a similar shape to Zipper T. Bunny, and the rumors have swirled around his alternate identity for years. The fact that you never see Nook and Zipper in the same room certainly adds fuel to the fire, and Zipper's T could stand for Tom. 

Other theories include Redd and Lyle playing the part of Zipper T. Bunny, but nothing's been proven yet. 

Who do you think he could be?

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