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Animal Crossing: New Horizons now lets you sell and store items via Dodo Airlines

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Dodo Airlines now has a helpful new service in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that enables you to sell items you find or ship items back to your home. 

If you travel to Harv's island, Wilbur tells you Dodo Airlines is now "dabbling in item delivery and liquidation", which enables you to send all of the goodies you find back home to free up space for more, or sell them then and there to empty out your inventory. 

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The items you ship will be delivered directly to your home storage, and you won't be charged Bells for using the service to send items back to your own island. In terms of liquidation, this lets you "unload your excess baggage", which essentially means you can sell what you find. 

Wilbur explains, though, that the selling feature comes in partnership with the Nook's Cranny, and any items you sell to Wilbur will be bought for the same price you'd get from the shop's drop box. The drop box lets you sell items when the Nook's Cranny store is closed, but you get a marked down price for any goods you sell. Any Bells you earn will go directly to your Bank of Nook account the next day. 

After a spot of island hopping, it appears the option to send items back home or sell them through Wilbur is only currently available on Harv's island. It would be amazing to see this feature come to island exploration - I can only just imagine how much more lucrative it would be on certain randomized islands in the future if you could send your catches home to gather more. 

Originally this story stated that this new feature would also be available on other islands you visit outside of Harv's island, but we have amended it to show this is (sadly) not true. 

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