Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Animal Crossing
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lunar New Year items are now available, adding some limited-time items to the Nook Stop shop.

Three new items have been added to the game, all of which celebrate Chinese New Year and Korean New Year. If you head over to Resident Services, fire up the Nook Stop terminal, and select Nook Shopping, you'll find the new items in the 'Seasonal' tab when you click on Special Goods.

Deck out your island and home with a Lucky red envelope, a Lunar New Year decoration, and a Bokjumeoni lucky pouch, the latter of which are made to celebrate Seollal, the Korean New Year. These pouches are also believed to bring good fortune.

As an added bonus, Isabelle will have something new to say to you upon logging in. If you jump into Animal Crossing: New Horizons you'll be greeted with a brief comment: "Today is the start of the Lunar New Year! I wish you all good fortune and happiness."

The Lunar New Year is an event observed by East Asian culture to celebrate the start of a new year. Typically, this festival celebration takes place in China and is shared with other Asian countries that begin with the first new moon of the lunar calendar. This year the date falls upon February 12.

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Also in the Seasonal tab in the Nook Stop you'll find some Valentine's Day-themed gifts like the chocolate heart and the heart-shaped bouquet, all of which you can order for a limited time. Orders made on the Nook Stop use bells instead of Nook Miles and they get mailed to the player the following day – so stock up.

While this isn't a full-blown event like Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale is promising to be, there are still some little details to discover with the Lunar New Year on your island, too, like special dialogues from your villagers.

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