This Animal Crossing figure is as cute as it is versatile

Animal Crossing: New Leaf took me to a virtual town I wish was a reality--a city full of idiosyncratic townsfolk like a boastful anteater, a fashionable deer, and a sneaky fox. One of my favorite city dwellers is the friendly and resourceful mayor's assistant, Isabelle. Unlike other characters that move in and out of town, Isabelle is a constant, always there to help me out with town troubles. After spending all that time with her, I searched for something to help me remember our time together and came across not one, but two remarkable figures of her. The popular line of Japanese collectibles known as Nendoroid has fashioned a model of Isabelle as adorable as she appears in the game--and with the same range of emotions.

Produced by Good Smile and going by her Japanese name of Shizue, you can find Isabelle in her summer outfit as well as her winter one. Both come with numerous accessories that allow you to put her in multiple poses from the game, along with different faces for the occasion that, mixed with her surprising amount of possible poses, makes her a great desk companion. These imported toys usually go for at least $40 on Amazon in the US, but if you're enough of an Animal Crossing devotee, it's worth it. Now if I could just find one of Tom Nook...

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Henry Gilbert

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