Angry Birds iPhone cases coming soon

Wanna really show off your love for the best-selling iPhone game of all time? Then check out these brand new cases designed to fill your iPhones with as much anger as the famously catapult-happy birds.

They're built specifically for the iPhone 4 and are available in one of three distinct colors: red bird, yellow bird, and green pig.

In addition to displaying your deep affection for casual awesomeness, the cases will protect your phone from those pesky iPhone antenna problems.

The cases will retail for $25 when they're made available later this month,which is$24 more than you paid for the actual game.

Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, has already raked around $10 million in sales of the game and its Halloween-themed spin-off. Now, aside from an unspecified holiday offering,it's focusing on merchandise.

The developer isalready working on bringing out Angry Birds plush toys, and in addition to the new cases,it's hard at workfinding other ways to makesure you never forget aboutthe game. It is reportedly even working on making an Angry Birds movie.

We usually know a fad when we see one, and Angry Birds looks like it sure is one, but maybe Rovio can pull off the tough task of making it a long-lasting brand.


Nov 12, 2010

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