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AndaSeat announces Phantom 3 Series

AndaSeat Phantom 3
(Image credit: AndaSeat)

AndaSeat has announced pre-orders for the Phantom 3 Series ergonomic gaming chair are live with an MSRP of $299.99 at the AndaSeat website with an estimated shipping date of late March. 

The AndaSeat Phantom Series 3 will be available in four colorways and two material finishes. The new line of gaming chairs comes in a premium PVC leatherette for Elegant Black, Cloudy White, and Creamy Pink. Ash Gray is reserved for the Linen Fabric model. 

This new model is being marketed on its ease of assembly and extended reclining functionality of 160 degrees with what the brand is describing as 'MagClap modular design'. It's claimed that one person can put the whole chair together in only a few minutes, so if you're after one of the best gaming chairs with minimal fuss, this could be it. 

As with some other more affordable entries by the company, the AndaSeat Phantom Series 3 is a gaming chair with a recommended height of 180cm and a maximum weight capacity of 200lbs (90kg). 

Pre-order AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series

AndaSeat Phantom 3 pre-order | $299.99 at AndaSeat

AndaSeat Phantom 3 pre-order | $299.99 at AndaSeat
The AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series promises to be easy to assemble and delivers advanced reclining capabilities for maximum comfort. It's priced aggressively between the company's budget models and the flagships with the same quality to boot. 

From what the specifications show, the AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series utilizes high-density foam pillows in both its seat and backrest as well as the included lumbar and headrests. It's been tested with a considerable amount of force to, at 60kg/m, for some accommodating firmness. 

It remains to be seen just how quickly this particular model can be assembled. The backrest directly into the seat base construction design is something we've noted with Secretlab models, which have gone together well. The Magclap design was not a feature of the AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series from last month, so this move towards quick construction is an interesting development for the company. Ideal if you're someone that's faced difficulties in putting a gaming chair together before. 

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