Anarchy Reigns characters Zero and Sasha revealed in new teasers

If you ever plan on going into PR, here's a little tip you should know - slowly releasing small bits of content forces the press to write more articles about your product, increasing your exposure. That in mind, we have two new teasers for Platinum Games' upcoming multiplayer brawler,Anarchy Reigns!

Sega has thus far revealed two of the game's characters via spotlight videos, and we assume there are more to come. The first was released yesterday, and shows off Zero's ninja warrioring and distaste for slowly-falling leaves:

The second trailer, released today, exposes the beautiful-but-deadly Sasha, because there always has to be a beautiful-but-deadly character:

We'll probably have more on Anarchy Reigns... tomorrow, and possibly every day until they run out of characters to reveal. Wait, why are we complaining about new content from Platinum Games? More!

Feb 2, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer