Final Fantasy 16 slips in a 14-year-old throwback to a cult-classic JRPG

Final Fantasy 16
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Final Fantasy 16 is hiding an adorable and surprising callback to its director's 14-year-old cult-classic RPG, The Last Remnant.

Now, when I say "hiding" a reference to 2009's The Last Remnant, I don't mean said reference is difficult to spot, but rather that you aren't likely to make the connection unless you're a big fan of old, weird RPGs. Basically, unless you're friends with GR staff writer Dustin Bailey, this odd little callback probably flew right over your head. (Dustin's note: "I haven't even played The Last Remnant!")

We've been fawning over Final Fantasy 16's adorable = and yes, pettable - canine companion Torgal for a while now, and RPG Site ha since pointed out that the doggo is actually named after a major character from The Last Remnant. That game's Torgal is a member of the Sovani race, which to me bears a likeness to cats more-so than dogs, but that's another story. Regardless, there's no denying, with both games sharing Hiroshi Takai as director, that this was an intentional Easter egg.

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The Last Remnant is the last title directed by Takai before Final Fantasy 16, and while it received only mixed reception at launch, it's gone on to enjoy cult classic status in the years since. Big fans of the game have also noted some fairly prominent similarities in its plot and setting compared to Final Fantasy 16, chiefly the parts about a divided kingdom and its nations controlling power through magical elements - Dominants in Final Fantasy 16 and Remnants in The Last Remnant.

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