An Apex Legends fan made a full rap with Lifeline voice samples and it's so good

I'm still trying to figure out how to win a straight-up gunfight in Apex Legends, meanwhile other people are tearing its audio files apart to make frankly too good rap tracks; Lifeline turns over a new leaf as Lil LL in this catchy-as-hell song titled Mozambique 'ere. With how well it was produced you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a secret track from the audio team at Respawn Entertainment, but it's actually a creation of Apex fan Xaro93.

Mozambique 'ere uses Apex Legends' dizzying array of in-game voice lines to construct three verses and a chorus that legitimately sound like storytelling lyrics: Lifeline showed her skill by managing to kill somebody with a Mozambique, now she's telling them not to get discouraged and try again next time. It's a pretty uplifting message considering it's also kind of a diss track.

Oh, and if you're curious, this is the person who actually voiced all those lines. I wonder if Mela Lee saw this coming at any point when she was in the recording booth...

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What this song made me realize most keenly is just how many different voice lines there are in Apex, not to mention different deliveries for the same line. My head is spinning. Mozambique 'ere combines all that with an instrumental track that, in my opinion, both thumps and slaps. Especially the last part. There's even a quiet teaser for Caustic near the end, and I can't wait to hear what that edgy bastard will sound like in a full song of his own.

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