This Among Us fan film is somehow more stressful than the game

Among Us already heavily references and evokes sci-fi classics like The Thing and Alien, but a newly released fan-made short doubles down on the game's inspo and pumps up the suspense. Check it out above, and read on for more. 

The Among Us short film (which falls just under 13 minutes) was produced by German filmmakers Jay & Arya and is, quite frankly, a pitch-perfect take on the game. After a very Alien-esque intro, where someone stabs a crewmate to death, the remaining crewmembers lock themselves in the cafeteria to figure out who is the imposter among them in a scene straight out of John Carpenter's The Thing.

The fan film perfectly encapsulates the energy of an in-game emergency meeting. Orange locks the team in a room to sort out who "shanked" Yellow and references a virus that turns people into killers - this is Jay & Arya's take on the game's lore, as the imposters in the Among Us game are canonically parasitic aliens.

Once Orange locks those doors all hell breaks loose, just like your average Among Us emergency meeting. Everyone begins trying to get the heat off themselves by shouting out the part of the ship they were doing work in and pointing fingers at other crew members who should have been elsewhere. There's even a "sus" reference, when Black points out Purple was last seen in the hallway where Yellow's body was found. This may very well be the best video game movie of all time. 

Check out the film to see which crewmember gets ejected into space, and see if the crew got their vote right.

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Alyssa Mercante

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