Among Us VR is a fan-made VRChat world you can play right now

Among Us has been out since 2018, but it's recently taken on a new life in viral Twitch streams. Now, it's made the leap to 3D with this impressive fan-made VR remake. 

Anyone can check out Among Us VR by downloading VRChat from Steam, and you don't even need a VR headset to play. You might miss out on some of the novelty, but you can download the VRChat world here and play right from your desktop. While you'd rightly expect the project doesn't feature the same polish as the real deal - our sister site PC Gamer gave it a go and it sounds... serviceable - it's got all the core features like interactive tasks, voting, combat, and executing. Plus, you get to see the little astronauts balloon to the size of grown adults, which admittedly is a little jarring.

Of course, playing with a VR headset is preferred, and since it's a VRChat world you can play Among Us VR on your Oculus Quest or Quest 2, HTC Vive, or Valve Index. With VR, you can actually use your hands to connect wires, pull levers, and swipe cards. But probably the most immersive feature is being able to actually sneak up behind someone or crawl through the vents to land a spike and kill them, which is probably a lot more startling for your victim than the normal game.

VRChat world creator Jar is responsible for Among Us VR, and if you like what you see you can support their other projects through Patreon. Cheers to Polygon for spotting this.

Did you catch AOC playing Among Us on Twitch? If not, the stream is still available.

Jordan Gerblick

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