Amnesia: The Bunker takes the series semi-open world in 2023

Amnesia: The Bunker
(Image credit: Frictional Games)

Amnesia: The Bunker is the next instalment in the classic horror franchise, and it's out in March 2023.

Frictional Games revealed the latest Amnesia title with the teaser trailer below, depicting a World War One soldier trapped and alone in a desolate bunker. Amnesia: The Bunker is coming to PC and consoles alike in just a few short months in March 2023.

The Bunker is a significant departure for the Amnesia series. Instead of a linear adventure, you're now placed in a semi-open world, and it's up to you to choose your playstyle with a flashlight and revolver. There's an ever-present threat hunting you down in the form of a horrific monster, and supposedly hardly any scripted events.

Amnesia veterans will appreciate how massive a change this is for the series. Amnesia games typically place the player on a straight path, tasking them from puzzling their way from point A to B, with significant scripted events and jump scares significantly ramping up the tension.

The puzzling aspect remains, however, as Frictional Games says there'll be multiple solutions for every roadblock the player encounters. It also sounds like we'll have to contend with limited resources like rations, another element that Amnesia veterans will feel intimately familiar with.

These changes for Amnesia sound enticing, especially coming from veteran horror developers in Frictional Games. The YouTube video's description just above says to stay tuned for more updates in the "coming weeks," so we should hear and see more from Amnesia: The Bunker before the year is out.

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