Amazon's free-to-play shooter Crucible gets three new trailers

(Image credit: Amazon Games)

Crucible is a new free-to-play shooter from Amazon coming May 20, and it just got three new trailers. The new videos explore the game's three distinct modes: Heart of Hives, Alpha Hunters, Harvester Command.

Heart of the Hives is Crucible's 4v4 mode, pitting you against another team to take down three hive monsters and collecting their hearts. Alpha Hunters throws eight teams of 2 against each other in an alien world, where the only goal is to survive. The duos mode adds a couple of interesting twists, like a leveling system and pairing up two players whose partners have both fallen in battle. Finally, Harvester Command is an 8v8 mode structured like a tower defense mode, where you defend essence harvesters and fend off the enemy team.

GamesRadar's Josh West wrote in our Crucible hands-on preview that the new sci-fi shooter is Amazon's "most significant step into the games industry yet," and "built on the foundational design of the burgeoning 'hero shooter' genre, charting its evolution beyond it by drawing from a litany of industry success stories and experiments."

While we don't have to wait long for Amazon's official foray into shooters, the company's MMO, titled New World, was recently delayed due to coronavirus concerns.

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