Amazon Prime Video now lets you watch shows and movies together with up to 100 people

(Image credit: Amazon)

You're probably desperate to find a way to binge-watch with your friends from the comfort of your own home. Thankfully, Amazon Prime Video has provided a solution: Watch Party, which lets you watch thousands of movies and TV shows with people from all across the country.

Watch Party is currently being rolled out for all Prime accounts, though it hasn’t gone out to everyone as of writing. Still, it’s by far the biggest mainstream streaming service to fully push a means to watch things with a large group of people virtually, something which is bordering on essential in times of lockdown.

There is, of course, a catch for those using Watch Party. Firstly, you all need a Prime Video account, but you also have to be in the US for this to work. 

Setting Watch Party up, however, is a little more straightforward. Simply go to the movie or TV show you want to watch and, under the title, you’ll see a Watch Party symbol. Click it, and you’re able to set up a Watch Party from there, which even includes the ability to send links so all your friends can join at the click of a button.

Whoever has set up the Watch Party can choose what to watch, as well as rewind or pause at any time. So make sure your designated streamer isn’t too picky with letting things roll to the credits without interruption, though there’s also a chat function for those who want to natter away during episodes.

…and you’re done! Let the binging commence. And here’s what you should be watching on Prime, should you need any streaming suggestions or ideas.

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