Alone in the Dark teaser

Alone in the Dark teaser(WMV, 54.8MB)

Wednesday 28 June 2006
Alone in the Dark, the next-gen evolution of the series that created the term 'survival horror', will combine explosive action with an incredible level of interaction when it lurches on to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC next year. And, with this new trailer, you can finally get a glimpse of the game's forever-midnight world in motion.

As Edward Carnaby you'll be running for your life through a meticulously detailed rendition of Central Park. New York has been torn apart by an evil force, escaped from the afterlife, but this potentially ponderous plot can't drag down the promise of Alone in the Dark - when we saw it in action at last month's E3, we were blown away.

Above: Alone in the Dark is out to reinvigorate the survival horror genre with some truly next-gen ideas

You'll see Carnaby driving, stumbling around and recoiling from some juicy explosions in this trailer, and the whole game is billed as an action-heavy experience. But, at the same time, it's also got buckets of atmosphere. Our anticipate-o-meter is off the scale and we're prepared to crawl over broken glass to get a hands-on with Alone in the Dark. Expect more info soon.

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