All Titanfall 2 maps and modes DLC will be free

Respawn Entertainment's head of development David Wightman has confirmed that all of Titanfall 2's map pack DLC will be released free of charge. Speaking at an EA Play event in London last night, Wightman told us that the studio plans to never charge its players for either maps or modes.

"We'll definitely be supporting Titanfall 2 post-launch, and I can confirm all maps and modes we deliver post-launch will be free. We'll be talking more about post-launch plans closer to release so stay tuned for more info," Wightman explained.

The question, then, is what exactly does Respawn plan to release as paid DLC for its futuristic FPS? Although Wightman couldn't go into detail, he was keen to stress that its plan does not include any sort of "pay-to-win stuff", explaining his frustration when the balance of an online multiplayer experience is ruined by "some kid who's spent an extra £40 on the game."

The original Titanfall, of course, received an enthusiastic welcome at launch, but its playerbase fell away relatively quickly in the months that followed. Respawn is understandably keen to avoid the same scenario when Titanfall 2 launches on 28 October. Wightman puts it in slightly less prosaic terms, though. "We're doing this for the community," he explained, "not the dollars." 

James Nouch

James Nouch is a former staff writer of Official Xbox Magazine and has since left writing about video games behind to dive into the wonderful world of tabletop gaming. James is now a managing editor at Games Workshop, working directly with the Warhammer Community. James says his passions include playing games, chunky knitwear, pungent cheeses, and rewatching Columbo.